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Factory Sealed New Lumin CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Part # LM3000

Product Information:

Its nice to see that there is now more than one option available to CPAP users, when it comes to CPAP cleaning and sanitizing of their CPAP masks and accessories. SoClean of course has been around for a few years now, and has met with good success, but manufacturers are now questioning whether or not the consistent exposure to SoClean's ozone, of their mask silicone component parts are causing them to break down prematurely. There is also a segment of the population that does not like the residual smell of ozone that stays with the mask, and tubing. For those CPAP users concerned about this, there is now the Lumin CPAP Cleaner by 3B. Here is 3B's video introduction of the the Lumin CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer.



Product Specifications:

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Dimensions: 12.25" L x 8.5" W x 7.75" H

Tray Dimensions: 9 1/2" L X 6 1/2" W x 4"H

Voltage: 110 VAC (60 Hz) - 220 VAC (50 Hz)

Environmental Conditions:

Storage Temperature: 0 - 120 F (-18 - 49 C)
Operating Temperature: 20 - 100 F (7 - 38 C)
Humidity: Up to 93%, non-condensing
Warranty: 2 Years

Features of the 3B Lumin CPAP Cleaning System:

The 3B Lumin UV Light Sanitizing Device from 3B Medical is a new, safe and effective alternative to ozone devices used to clean and sanitize CPAP equipment. The 3B Lumin harnesses the disinfecting power of UV light, which illuminates the inside of a fully mirrored chamber to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses during a five minute cycle.

Safe Effective Disinfection of your CPAP Equipment
No Waiting Period before you can use your Equipment
Using UV Light Technology
Fast, Five-Minute Cycle
Also Sanitizes non-CPAP's like toothbrushes, etc.
Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Design
No Maintenance or Replacement Items

The 3B Lumin utilizes a strong UV light to kill 99% of bacteria, pathogens, antigens, mold and fungi present on items placed inside the device's tray. UV light is a particularly effective disinfectant and is widely used in a variety of commercial applications in within the health care industry, as well as grocery produce processing and commercial air conditioning systems. UV light is an effective alternative to other current methods of disinfecting which can be harmful if mishandled, not maintained, or overused.

Non-CPAP Item Sanitization

Another great benefit to the 3B Lumin is that it is not at all limited to sanitizing CPAP items. Any non-biological item that can fit within the Lumin tray can be sanitized. This includes items like dentures, toothbrushes, hearing aids, etc.

Zero Maintenance with No Replacement Parts

The 3B Lumin sanitizer doesn't require any ongoing maintenance or replacement parts. The body of the device and tray can be wiped down if needed with a soft, non-abrasive cloth if it becomes dirty, but otherwise, the Lumin does not require extensive upkeep. The UV bulb inside the Lumin can be replaced but is intended to last the lifetime of the Lumin.

Respiratory Therapist Note: The 3B Lumin is not intended to replace your current CPAP cleaning schedule on your equipment, only to supplement it, and reduce the frequency of your traditional methods of cleaning.


Your order will include:

Factory Sealed New 3B Lumin CPAP Cleaning and Sanitizing System, CPAP Masks Wipes Sample Packs, and  2 year Warranty


Our Price - $249.00


3B Medical CPAP Mask Wipes Citrus Scent



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