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About Us

Celebrating our 10th year in business in 2016, SecondWindCPAP is a small family owned & operated business located in the prairie lands of Southwestern, Minnesota. We were founded, and operate under a Licensed, Nationally Registered Respiratory Therapist who also has Sleep Apnea.

SecondwindCPAP is the first, and largest online outlet for discounted new, and low hour Used CPAP and Used BIPAP equipment.

We are Accredited with the Minnesota/North Dakota Better Business Bureau and enjoy a BBB rating of A+ their highest mark. We have never had a complaint logged against us since our inception in 2005 as we believe in providing a quality product, and taking care of those people that choose to do business with us. 

Our success has been largely built on word-of-mouth advertising across the United States, and abroad, and we have been recommended by the American Sleep Apnea Association. We are also proud of being a supplier to one of the nation's largest medical equipment management companies that provide quality reconditioned medical equipment to hospitals across the country.

SecondwindCPAP specializes in quality discounted 'open box' new, and gently used CPAP & BIPAP equipment for those individuals who could not otherwise afford it. Roughly half the people in this country who are prescribed CPAP or BIPAP machines will end up being non-compliant; In other words, half the machines dispensed for therapy in the Unites States will end up in a closet, or under a bed, collecting dust. Our business was founded on the mission to acquire these machines, clean them, test them, and provide them with warranty and qualified customer support to those individuals that are forced to pay out of pocket.

Consider Donation


If we cannot make an offer on your used CPAP or BIPAP because of the physical age, or number of hours on your machine, you might want to consider it for donation. 


SecondwindCPAP Donation Program:


SecondwindCPAP works with clinics, hospitals, and doctor's offices across the country to help provide, through donated materials/equipment for those individuals who cannot afford to purchase this equipment at any price. If you are a clinician, physician, or social worker attempting to obtain this equipment for a patient in need, please contact us.




SecondwindCPAP is also proud to have worked with the Kibogora Initiative, now in its 20th year. The program was originally created to care of the children of Rwanda who lost their parents to genocide and war. Since that time, the program has grown, with those very children they helped, to broaden their scope to assist in the resolution of critical issues surrounding health care in the local communities. The focus of SecondwindCPAP has been to provide donated CPAP devices to the Kibogora Project, for the treatment of Rwandan's neonatal population. If you are interested in donating your equipment to our donation program, please contact Mark Seager, Respiratory Therapist at For more information on the Kibogora Initiative, please visit their website at



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