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CPAP & BIPAP Accessories



For CPAP masks, please click here.

For Heated Humidifiers, please click here.

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Sunset Healthcare Factory Sealed CPAP/BIPAP Tubing
CPAP Tubing 6ft


  Tubing Length

Factory Sealed Sunset Healthcare 6Ft 

Slim Tubing

Slimline Tubing for CPAP Machines

Smaller diameter, lighter weight, lower incidence of kinks. Great for lightweight masks


Hose Clip

CPAP Tubing Hose Clip




ResMed S9 Climateline Tubing for CPAP
Factory Sealed ClimateLine AIR 6ft. Tubing for the ResMed S10 Series Heated Humidifier

ResMed S9 Climateline Tubing for CPAP
Factory Sealed ClimateLine 6ft. Tubing for the ResMed S9 Series Heated Humidifier


New Factory Sealed 

Invacare Perfecto 2 V

5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with SensO2

Product ID:


Product Description

The Invacare Perfecto 2 V Oxygen Concentrator represents one of the most reliable, well made oxygen concentrators on the market. Invacare has been the gold standard for home oxygen therapy equipment for many years, and continues to provide the best technology, and the quietest compressors for a comfortable, quiet experience.


Dimensions: 23" H x 13" W x 12" D
Product Weight: 40 lb.
Shipping Product Weight: 45 lb.
Oxygen: Oxygen Flow: 5 LPM
Flow Range: 0.5-5 LPM
Oxygen Purity: 95.6%-87% At all flow rates
Sound Level: 43 dBA
Warranty: Limited Warranty - 3 Year


  • User-friendly design with easy-to-see and understand control panel
  • Easy access to humidifier bottle and filter
  • Low noise level allows for use during sleep
  • Convenient top handle makes it easy to move
  • Three separate filters assure oxygen purity

For more information on this concentrator, click here.

Included with your new, factory sealed Invacare Oxygen Concentrator, is new 6ft nasal cannula, new filters, and all applicable manuals.

Free Shipping, no Sales Tax





SoClean2 CPAP Sanitizer System

SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizer System

Product Details:

The SoClean 2 is, by and large, the same device as the SoClean 1, functionally speaking. Cosmetically, much has changed. The new design, most would agree is 'fresher' in appearance - Clean white PVC based body, smaller footprint, as well as moving the timer controls to the outside of the device, has improved the overall usability of the SoClean, without changing the way the device works in sanitizing your CPAP, mask, and tubing.

Do I need an Adapter?

You will only need the adapter if you have the following CPAP devices with heated humidifier - ***S9 or S10 CPAP/VPAP with ClimateLine, Fisher & Paykel HC600 Series, or the Respironics System One 60 or DreamStation Series

***If you do not have one of these devices, do not select anything from the drop-down option, and simply move forward with the purchase of the SoClean2 Sanitizer below.


New, Factory Sealed SoClean2 CPAP Sanitizer:

SoClean2 Device, Manual, Power Supply. 1 Year Warranty.

Your Price:




  SoClean2 Adapter



SoClean II Check Valve, and Filter Replacement Kit

*SoClean recommends replacing filter and valve every 6 months

Your Price:



CPAP Mask Wipes

Sunset Healthcare Mask Wipes

CPAP Mask Wipes - 62 Wipe Container

Sunset Healthcare mask wipes contain a unique formula designed for effective cleaning of all types of CPAP, BiPAP, and Oxygen Therapy Masks, Tubing and Accessories. Use daily to remove dirt, oils and prevent the build up of organic materials. Our mask wipes clean, deodorize and refresh, leaving no residual after-order. Gentle alcohol and solvent free, with natural ingredients that are derived from corn, coconut and citrus

As with all orders - Free shipping, and no sales tax.



New Lithium Ion Compact Travel Battery Kit

CPAP Lithium Ion Battery Kit
Compact, powerful, lightweight, and portable.
SecondwindCPAP has stepped up our efforts to provide you smallest [CPAP/BIPAP] Lithium Ion Battery on the market. Our newest battery provides more power than our previous lithium ion battery pack.


The CPAP battery itself is roughly the size of a Rubik's cube and weighs just over 2 pounds. It works with all major manufacturers including ResMed, Respironics, DeVilbiss, etc. Outside of the kit that we provide, the only other component that will be needed, is the adapter to run from the battery, to the machine itself. Those adapters are located on this page. 

The battery is approved by the FAA/DOT for airline travel. This battery pack includes everything you see here in the picture above, to include the battery, travel bag, AC power adapter, DC power adapter, and connector adapter kit. Charge time (on an empty battery) is about 10 hours. You can charge the battery at any level, as it does not require a complete 'drain' before recharging. The battery comes with a 1 year warranty.

Run Times are estimates.

Run times vary with each device, and the functionality of that device. It is recommend to test run times, before using the battery in a situation that requires the battery to be used as the primary power source for your device. Here is a general overview of run times with various makes/models:

Pressure *Estimated Hours
4 25
7 19
10 14
13 12
16 10.5
20 10
Pressure (IPAP/EPAP) *Estimated Hours
8/4 26
10/6 19
12/8 17
14/10 16
16/12 15
18/14 12.5
20/16 11
22/18 9
24/20 7

 This battery is not compatible with Legacy  BIPAP devices, to included Respironics BIPAP Auto and advanced Auto and Auto/ST SV units.

Your Price:



Universal Power Adapter for CPAP Devices

Universal Outlet Adapter

SecondwindCPAP is pleased to bring to you a new CPAP accessory. 

Our compact 4-in-1 power adapter will fit all outlet configurations for Europe, UK, USA, China, Japan, Australia, Spain and just about every other country in the world.

Adapter includes a child protection safety shutter, power indicator light, and surge protection.

As with all orders - Free shipping for domestic orders, and no sales tax.



Respironics External Power Adapters

Respironics 'Alligator' clips for Respironics Devices (Couples with DC 12-volt adapter)


Respironics DC 12-Volt Adapter for the DreamStation CPAP and BIPAP Models


Respironics DC 12-Volt Adapter for the Legacy CPAP, M Series and 50 Series System One CPAP and BIPAP Models


Respironics DC 12-Volt Adapter for the System One 60 Series CPAP and BIPAP Models




ResMed S9 External Power Adapter

The ResMed S9 DC 24 volt adapters are to be used with all ResMed S9 CPAP and BIPAP devices. The 24-volt adapter can be used to power a ResMed S9 from a car cigarette lighter or other external power source such as the lithium ion battery offered on this site.



ResMed S10 External Power Adapter

The ResMed S10 DC 24 volt adapters are to be used with all ResMed S10 CPAP and VPAP devices. The 24-volt adapter can be used to power a ResMed S10 Airsense and AirCurve device from a car cigarette lighter or other external power source such as the lithium ion battery offered on this site.




SD Card for 

DeVilbiss Intellipap, ResMed S9, ResMed S10, and Philips Respironics System One Devices

This 1 GB SD card allows for high volume data storage, and easy, compact portability of that data. SD Card is only compatible with the devices mentioned above. If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact us. 

As with all orders - Free shipping for domestic orders, and no sales tax.



Respironics Smart Card

Compatible with: 

Respironics Legacy and M Series Generation Devices

This Smart Card allows for the CPAP user to transfer the recorded data from their device to the applicable software application. Please note that this card requires an Infineer Card Reader to interface with a PC. If you are using a clinic to print a report, they will have this reader available.

As with all orders - Free shipping for domestic orders, and no sales tax.




HoseBuddy CPAP Tubing Management System

HoseBuddy Tube Holder

CPAP/BIPAP Machines can leave you tangled in hoses while you sleep. The HoseBuddy CPAP Hose Holder can keep your airway hose up and out of your way. Don't let sleep apnea treatment or other sleep disorders leave you tangled and sleepless.

Fully adjustable, with swing arm

Insert stand under mattress

Attach hose to holder

Adjust height

Mask Hangs on hook

Can be used with Oxygen units

Product Made in USA

As with all orders - Free shipping, and no sales tax.





Quilted Insulated Tubing Cover by PAPillow

You will find a number of different cpap tubing covers on the market. I believe this one to be the best because of the zipper component, which makes placement, and removal - immediate. Also, the material used for the tubing cover is high quality, and presents a clean look.

As with all orders - Free shipping, and no sales tax.



New Factory Sealed Sunset Healthcare 4-Point Headgear

Universal Deluxe Cross Cross Style

Universal CPAP Headgear



Two Standard Styles Available:

Standard Cross Cross Style

Net Backing Style

4-point replacement headgear will replace all traditional nasal CPAP interface headgear for Respironics and ResMed, etc products.

  4-Point Headgear Style


CPAP Headgear Strap Guard

End the Strap Lines...with Strap Guards

Not unlike the lines that a pillow can leave on your face after a prolonged sleep, the indentations left from a CPAP/BIPAP headgear can last for several hours into your new day. These very soft, durable, felt-like strap guards put an end to embarrassing strap-line marks and provide a great deal of comfort. Each factory sealed bag contains two straps.

Several colors to choose from:


  Strap Guard Color




ResMed Gel Reusable Nose Guards

Made of the same soft gel material used for heel sores, this clear soft gel pad virtually eliminates nose bridge indentations and red marks/irritation, as well as helps with eliminating leaks from the top of the nose for both nasal, and full face masks. Although a ResMed product, these pads can be used with any mask.

As with all orders - Free shipping, and no sales tax.






SecondwindCPAP is proud to offer our customers Filter and Tubing Replacement Services. Although we currently offer a 3-pak option for the various CPAP and BIPAP machine filters, we have yet to offer a complete replacement package option, until now. 

We believe that proper maintenance of your machine will not only increase the longevity of your device, but will also decrease your susceptibility to respiratory tract infection.

What's included in our 

6 Month Replacement Kit:


  •  6 white fine particulate filters
  • 2 black foam, large particulate filters
  • 2 6ft Factory Sealed rubber cuffed tubing

ResMed S8/S9 Series

  •  6 intake port particulate filters
  • 2 6ft Factory Sealed rubber cuffed tubing (S9 kit includes Slimline Series tubing)

We appreciate that needs and circumstances change, so we will not automatically re-bill you for this service. 6 months after your initial filter/tubing purchase, a SecondwindCPAP representative will contact you via email to inquire as to whether or not you would like to reorder another 6-month supply.

As always, no sales tax and free shipping.


  Select your Model:




Respironics M Series CPAP Filters

M Series Ultra Fine 3-Pak


M Series Foam 3-Pak



Respironics System One CPAP Filters

PR/System One 

Ultra Fine 3-Pak


PR/System One 

Foam 3-Pak



Respironics Legacy Series CPAP Filters

REMstar Legacy Ultra Fine 3-Pak


REMstar Legacy Foam 3-Pak





ResMed S7 Intake Filter 3-Pak


ResMed S8 Intake Filter 3-Pak



           ResMed S9 & S10 Intake Filter 3-Pak





DeVilbiss IntelliPAP White Fine Filter 3-Pak






DeVilbiss IntelliPAP

 Black Foam Filter 3-Pak



*Bacteria/Viral Filter 5-Pak

The Importance of Clean...

As a Respiratory Therapist of 25 years, I recommend these Bacteria/Viral filters to ALL CPAP & BIPAP users. It is important to not only filter the air going into your flow device, but also the air that leaves that device,  in-route to your lungs field.

I equip my personal CPAP machine with these filters, and even with the traditional filters on the inlet port, I have to replace these [bacteria] filters on the output port about every 3-4 weeks because they become visibly dirty.

Simply put, bacteria/viral filters create the cleanest air you can breathe. Just attach the filter to the output port of your CPAP or BIPAP machine between the machine and your tubing, and breathe air that is 99.9% bacteria and germ free. You can actually see when the filter needs to be changed by the build up of dust and particulates that never made it to your lungs! 

Once again, we recommend these filters to everyone using a CPAP or BIPAP device.

*Filters are hydrophilic and as such, should not be used in conjunction with a humidifier unless they are placed prior to the humidification chamber.

Bacteria/Viral Filter 5-Pak 




Sunset Health Premium Adjustable Chin Strap


Sunset Health Classic Adjustable Chin Strap w/ Breathoprene


Sunset Health Adjustable Chin Strap



CPAP Pillow

Product: CAP4001

CPAPMax 2.0 Contoured Pillow

There are several of these CPAP contour pillows on the market. SecondwindCPAP, after evaluating several, believe the CPAPMax pillow is one of the best made CPAP pillows, available to the market. Here's why:


Traditional pillows interfere with mask performance and can cause a stiff neck, shifting, leaks and facial discomfort. The CPAPmax Pillow offers superb mask accommodation, excellent support and unparalleled comfort.

Memory Foam reduces heat and perspiration
Tube tether reduces tube drop
2-in-1 size can be adjusted to be regular or extra thick
Reduce leaks
Minimize mask pressure
Cool 3D Mesh Air-Flow
Fiberfill offers soft, traditional pillow comfort


As always, free shipping, and no sales tax.






Specifically formulated to relieve
nasal drying, chaffing, and skin irritation
associated with CPAP/BIPAP Therapy




6Ft. Extension Cord 

For use with the standard, 2-pin, figure eight power cords used to power CPAP/BIPAP machines like the Respironics Legacy M Series, etc, ResMed S8 Series, Fisher & Paykel Sleep Style 200 Series.




CPAP Manometer

Handheld CPAP Pressure Manometer

Ideal for monitoring pressures on your CPAP device, this handheld manometer is easy to use. It is a good idea, as a CPAP machine ages, to insure that the device is still delivering the therapeutic pressure set on the device.

As with all orders - Free shipping, and no sales tax.



Finger Pulse Oximeter

Brand New, Factory Sealed Sunset Healthcare Finger Pulse Oximeter 

Product Overview

The treatment of Sleep Apnea is the treatment of  a decrease in the oxygen levels in the bloodstream. To that end, it makes complete sense that a CPAP user would want to occasionally monitor their own oxygen level, at the level of the hemoglobin, where it is most important. Until recently, pulse oximeters have been an expensive compliment to CPAP therapy. 


That is no longer the case.


If there is any question about the 'quality' of an expensive oximeter vs. and affordable oximeter, consider this - all pulse oximeters work off the basic methodology/technology of looking at the 'color' of the hemoglobin by how much light it absorbs. The same technology is used whether the oximeter is $300.00. or $50.00. We have found the $50.00 model to be every bit as accurate as the higher end product.


Here is what you are getting:


Finger Pulse Oximeter with Lanyard

2 AAA Alkaline Battery

Multi-view LCD

Real-Time Heart Beat/Pulse Display



Ergonomic Design

Lightweight and Compact

Easy to Operate

Low Power Consumption

Auto-off Feature



As always, free shipping, and no sales tax.




Qtube CPAP Muffler by Z1

Helps reduce the overall noise output levels on any CPAP machine, particularly on travel machines. Comes with tubing adapter, and replacement filter. Unit is 5 inches long, and weighs 2.2 ounces.



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