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Comfort  Gel Blue Mask with Headgear



Product Information-

* New reinforced ball and socket design.

The Comfort Gel Nasal Mask brings a premium level of fit and comfort to the Comfort Series. An exciting approach to fully customizable gel masks combines proven comfort features with a host of new innovations. The changes to the Comfort Gel help the mask fit better than ever, and that helps to improve compliance. It's yet another way that the Comfort Series helps fit 100% of patients 100% of the time. The Comfort Gel, like all masks in the Comfort Series, is latex free. 

A Word from the Manufacturer:

Respironics has created an innovative and practical Philips Respironics Comfort Gel Blue Nasal Face CPAP mask, for CPAP and BIPAP users who require a comfortable nasal face mask to ensure maximum compliance. Featuring the patented Respironics blue gel, plus the advanced 'Sure Seal' technology, the Comfort Gel Blue Nasal Face CPAP mask is a 1st class upgrade for patients who are searching for the perfect nasal face mask. The advanced design incorporates a replaceable blue gel cushion and silicone flap, combining the comfort of gel with the proven seal of an inflated cushion.

With an all-new nasal face mask design and easy-to-clean pieces, the Comfort Gel Blue Nasal Face CPAP mask makes sense for many nasal face CPAP users who cannot find comfort in their current mask choice.


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