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New DeVilbiss Intellipap 2 Auto Adjust CPAP Machine with SmartFlex

Part # DV64D

Product Information:

DeVilbiss has created the perfect follow up CPAP to their very successful Intellipap Line. With something's old - Smart Code Reporting Technology, their popular over-under, stacked design for a smaller footprint, and something's new - A revolutionary 'bolus' pulse dose humidification system. This pulse dose humidifier is the first system of its kind, and features a system that delivers a bolus of humidified air, only during the inhalation phase. This new feature comes with many advantages; decreased water consumption, power consumption, and an overall decrease in condensation on the tubing. A Standard heated humidifier is still available for simple, traditional dial-in heat settings. 





Compact Design:  At only 1.93 lbs without the heated humidifier (3.8 lbs with heated humidifier), its smaller shell allows it to compete with the other travel machines on the market, with overall dimensions of 6.1 in L x 5.9 in W x 3.7 in H (15.49 cm L x 14.99 cm W x 9.40 cm H). Even with adding the heated humidifier, and because of its stacked design, it is arguably the smallest [travel] machine on the market, with attached heated humidifier measuring 11.7 in L x 7.6 in W x 3.3 in H (29.72 cm L x 19.30 cm W x 8.38 cm H).


More Intuitive Algorithm: With the introduction of PureView, the auto titration algorithm is more intuitive than ever. First the first time, the algorithm recognizes and reacts to periodic breathing and central apneas.


Easy of Use: With the largest LCD screen of any home CPAP/BIPAP machine on the market, navigating the menu has never been easier. Smart Code reporting is far and away the simplest way to take your information from inside the machine, to a printed report. Using and the ever-changing SmartCode alphanumeric codes on your machine, simply copy your code down, go to, paste the code, and view/print your report - it really is that easy. Speaking of reporting, bluetooth technology is included with all Intellipap CPAP and BIPAP Systems.


Your order will include:

New DeVilbiss Intellipap 2 Auto CPAP, Standard 6 Hose, Power Supply, Travel Bag, Instructional Manual, 3 Year Warranty, and free support from a licensed Respiratory Therapist.

(Free Shipping, no Sales Tax)



Add the Optional Standard Heated Humidifier for only $148.00


Add the Optional Pulse Dose Heated Humidifier for only $289.00



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