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EasyLife Nasal Mask with Headgear Complete Kit

Product IDs: 1050001 1050002, 1050003, 1050004

The Philips Respironics EasyLife Nasal Cushion CPAP Mask features a unique double-pillow system that makes it incredibly easy to fit. The inner cushion creates the seal, while the outer cushion adds stability. The entire cushion is allowed to automatically adjust and seal thanks to the single clip connecting it to the frame and forehead. This Auto Seal technology helps the mask to be both easy to fit and flexible.

EasyLife's AutoSeal technology helps ensure a good seal

The inner cushion is the one that creates the seal. It is allowed to float inside the the outer cushion, and once fitted can mould to your facial contours. The Auto Seal technology allows the two cushions to work independently to create the best possible seal and comfort. The forehead support on most CPAP masks needs to be adjusted manually, but not on the EasyLife. It adjusts itself automatically with minimal pressure from the headgear.

A Word from the Manufacturer:

The EasyLife nasal maskís innovative, lightweight design delivers Auto Seal technology, a set of features intended to make EasyLife your favorite mask for set-up and titration. EasyLifeís unique dual-cushion construction features a very soft inner cushion that creates a flexible, self-adjusting seal around the nose, while the supportive outer cushion comfortably provides an additional level of stability. Cosmetically pleasing headgear straps, with optional easy-to-use clips, make fitting as easy as possible for you and your patients. The addition of the petite size helps you to fit 100% of your patients 100% of the time. EasyLife with Auto Seal is designed for a better seal and a better fit that may help patients get a better nightís sleep. Itís truly a winning combination.

EasyLife Mask Kit Includes Headgear, Small or Medium sizes available.



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