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SecondwindCPAP Extended Warranty Program

1 Year Extended Warranty

After many customer requests for SecondwindCPAP to offer extended warranty services on all our low-hour used CPAP and BIPAP machines, we have answered the call.

Now, for only $49.00 you can extend the warranty of your CPAP or BIPAP device by one year, from the date of purchase. This extended warranty must be purchased at the time of the initial order of your CPAP machine, and must be in place, before your device ships to you. The extended warranty is added to the warranty already in place on your device, at the time of purchase.


The extended warranty covers all standard manufacturer warranty items like blower motor failure, flow sensor failure, or main PCA (motherboard) failure. 

Our initial 6-month warranty and extended warranty does not cover water, or impact damage.

SecondwindCPAP 1-Year Extended Warranty Program:






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