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Fisher & Paykel Pilario Q Nasal Pillow System

Fisher & Paykel Pilario Nasal Pillow for CPAP

Product ID: 400421

Product Overview:

Fisher & Paykel are noted for their attention to patient comfort features, quality materials, while maintaining an affordable price point for patients on a budget. The Pilario Q Nasal Pillow System addresses all points. Customer Satisfaction ratings on the Pilario Q are consistent on their praise of this Pillow System and the other Fisher & Paykel masks within this generation, like the Simplus Full Face Mask, and Eson Nasal Mask.

Product Description:

The Pilairo Q has been developed to improve patient satisfaction. Designed for comfort, seal and easy use, the F&P Pilairo Q represents a highly effective nasal pillows mask with just three key components and two minimalist headgear options. The Pilairo a quieter nasal pillows mask with the option of Adjustable or Stretch-wise Headgear. This enhanced offering ensures quieter use, less draft and fits a greater range of head sizes.

Weighing in as one of the lightest CPAP nasal pillows masks (1.94 ounces / 55 grams), the F&P Pilairo Q is quieter for the patient and bigger on performance. The clever design integrates the self-inflating AirPillow Seal and a choice between two headgear options.

The AirPillowTM Seal self-inflates to gently envelop the nose in a "hover-like way" while providing freedom of movement in conjunction with the new StretchWiseTM Headgear.

Fisher & Paykel Pilario Q Nasal Pillow System with Headgear (All Sizes included - size, Medium, and Large Pillow Inserts)



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