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New Factory Sealed S9 AutoSet CPAP EPR with Heated Humidifier

Part # 36005

Product Information:

The S9 Series is the lightest weight, smallest profile CPAP device ever created by ResMed. With dimensions of  only 6" x 5.5" x 3.25", and a weight of 1.79 lbs, this CPAP is perfect for travel, or a nightly-use bedside CPAP.

For many years, ResMed has prided themselves on quiet blower technology, and the S9 Series CPAP and VPAP devices are no exception. With a blower noise output level of only 26 dBA, it is virtually silent. As with the S8 devices, the S9 also incorporates Easy-Breathe Technology as well as EPR, or Expiratory Pressure Relief which combine to provide the most 'natural' breathing cycle of any CPAP device on the market. 

The S9 AutoSet offers two modes of therapy - CPAP mode, and Auto Titration CPAP mode. In Auto titration mode, the device will analyze your breathing, on a breath-by-breath basis, and apply the lowest pressure needed to resolve any apnea, or hypopnea (shallow breathing) events it detects.

The S9 AutoSet CPAP features include internal comprehensive data reporting to include AHI, leak rate, and compliance/usage information. The S9 AutoSet also offers a convenient SD Card data recording option for data portability. Also included are ramp, automatic altitude adjustment, automatic voltage adjustment from 110-240V, as well as a capability of running off a 12volt power source. The S9 AutoSet also introduces the first color LCD screen display, with an easy to read navigation menu. Continuing with previous ResMed tradition, the S9 devices are noted for their very low failure rate, and portability. Pressure ranges for this, and all CPAP devices within the S9 line, is 4cm-20cm h20.

New, Factory Sealed S9 AutoSet CPAP System comes with a full 2-Year Warranty

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Your order will include:

New, Factory Sealed ResMed S9 AutoSet CPAP with Heated Humidifier, Standard SlimLine 6 Hose, ClimateLine Tubing, Power Supply, Travel Bag, 2 Year warranty, and Instructional Manual 

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