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Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow System with Headgear Complete Kit

Product ID: 1105167

Philips Respironics has really stepped up their game of late, with their new offerings of nasal pillow interfaces. Between the Wisp, and now the Nuance product, it is clear they've heard the call from CPAP users wanting the least obtrusive, comfortable, and lightweight nasal pillow systems.

The Nuance Pro represents the only gel pillow system on the market, to-date. Our customer feedback on this new pillow system has been overwhelmingly positive. Providing a gel interface with the skin, helps reduce the incidence of tissue irritation or 'breakdown' often seen with many nasal pillow systems.

Respiratory Therapist Note on the Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow System:

Philips Respironics has done a particularly good job of creating a nasal pillow system that is both stable, and comfortable, particularly under higher pressures. Nasal pillows can be problematic when it comes to maintaining a consistent, stable position, as well as maintaining a good seal under pressure that exceed 10-12cm h20. We have found through good customer feedback that the Nuance and Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow System cover both, with thoughtful design of the lightweight headgear, and well as the soft enveloping nasal pillow interface.

This Factory Sealed, New Complete System includes sizes Small, Medium, and Large Pillows


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