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OptiLife Nasal Mask with Headgear Complete Kit


Product ID:  1036800

Product Overview:

The OptiLife by Respironics comes with all sizes of nasal interfaces for a perfect fit.  This non-intrusive mask fits comfortably and does not have pressure points on your face, cheeks, or forehead.  Respironics has heard your complaints about bulky CPAP masks and have come up with this perfect alternative interface.  We have tried it, and agree that this is the most advanced mask on the market.  It is very comfortable and makes a great seal.  The built in chin strap was an added bonus that we found very favorable.


Excellent View - OptiLife has no T- bar that sits between the eyes to block your view - that means that glasses can be easily worn.
All Sizes Included - SecondwindCPAP offers the OptiLife with all four cushion sizes, from large to petite for a more comfortable fit on a wider variety of noses.
Flexable Tube - The OptiLife comes with an 18 inch, 15 mm flexible tubing. This flex tube provides greater freedom of movement and more consistent seal.
Built-In Chin Strap - chin support has been added to the headgear for stability.
Latex-Free -
as with all Respironics products


This Complete System includes sizes Petite, Small, Medium, and Large Pillows


Product Discontinued - Consider the DreamWear Nasal Mask by Respironics as a Replacement



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