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Profile Lite  Gel Mask with Headgear


Respironics Profile Lite Nasal CPAP Mask


Product Information-

The Profile Custom Nasal Mask creates a personalized seal and may be more comfortable than ordinary masks. What makes this possible is a revolutionary new inner seal that molds to facial contours and sets in the exact shape. Here is how it works: Just boil the mask for four minutes. Cool it for ten seconds in cold water, and then press it against your face. It will mold to every facial contour. If your facial features ever change due to a loss or gain of weight, you can easily repeat the process and refit the mask. This means fewer return visits for you just to adjust the fit. Built in Flap conforms to the contours of the nose to further reduce leaks. Swivel allows circuit tubing to move freely. Unique Outer Layer is a soft and comfortable gel cushion. Inner Layer molds to facial contours. A gel pad on the forehead supports the mask and relieves pressure on the bridge of the nose.


Note from Respiratory Therapist:

Although Respironics has phased this mask out of production, it remains popular with consumers. It is because of its popularity, that SecondwindCPAP carries this tried-and-true mask, when available to us. The first, and still the only boil and fit mask on the market, the Profile Lite has made its mark in the industry by providing one of the best seals in the industry. Durable construction provides a longer life than the average nasal mask.

Notes: One of Respironics biggest sellers, and for good reason - the 'Boil and Fit' feature provides one of the best fitting, most comfortable masks on the market.

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