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ResMed Quattro AIR Full Face Mask with Headgear




Product ID's 62701, 62702, 62703


Product Information:

The ResMed Quattro Air Full Face mask represents the lightest, least cumbersome full face mask on the market today. Resmed over the last few years has really cornered the market on innovative, and smart-minded research and development of the most comfortable CPAP/BIPAP interfaces on the market. 

The Quattro Air is fast becoming the most popular mask available for those PAP users who require full face support. As has always been the case, comfort and quietness are at the center of acclimating to PAP therapy. It is clear that ResMed has this in mind when creating their new line of full face mask. Whisper-quiet intention leak ports, incredibly lightweight materials, and breathable headgear make this the full face mask to have, if you are looking for innovation, and forward-thinking design.

Notes from the Respiratory Therapist:

ResMed is, to my mind, the best at research and development when it comes to nasal CPAP masks and nasal pillows. It is clear that their engineers take into consideration small details like the direction of flow from the intentional leak ports on masks, as to minimize irritation of a sleep partner, or the lightweight materials used to make this product line.

A Word from the Manufacturer:

Drift off to a great night’s sleep with the ResMed Quattro™ Air, the lightest full face mask on the market today.1 Made up of just four parts, the mask is easy to use and assemble. The patented Spring Air™ cushion reduces pressure on your face while maintaining a high-performance seal, to deliver supreme comfort for your sleep apnea therapy.

The sizing template for this mask, and other Resmed interfaces, can be found on the ResMed website by clicking here.


ResMed Quattro Air Full Face Mask with Headgear


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