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Gently Used S9 Heated Humidifier with Climate Control

Part # 36900

Product Information:

The ResMed S9 Heated Humidifier couples with any S9 CPAP or S9 VPAP device. The humidifier can operate in either manual, or automation (Climate Control) mode, and is controlled by the connecting CPAP/VPAP device.

Slimline, or standard tubing can be used with this S9 Heated Humidifier in manual mode, but it does require ClimateLine tubing for the automated mode. In auto (Climate Control) humidification mode, the device will keep the differential in temperature between the tubing, and the air surrounding the tubing, to a minimum, and in turn significantly decreasing the level of rain-out or condensation in the tubing, and mask. The Climateline tubing is sold separately.

Generally speaking, heated humidification is advised when using CPAP or VPAP, as there are roughly 40-50 liters per minute of air crossing your upper airway during PAP therapy. Providing warm, moist air during therapy increases the overall comfort that is normally provided when breathing through your nose, without CPAP in place.

Designed to provide you more comfort by offering relief from dryness and congestion, the H5i humidifier with Climate Control adjusts to real-time environmental conditions to deliver the most accurate humidification in connection with your treatment.

Intuitive and easy to use, the H5i integrates fully with our S9 therapy devices. It is available with a standard water tub (designed for easy cleaning and can be replaced as recommended by your care provider) or cleanable water tub (designed for multi-patient, multi-use in a clinic, hospital or sleep lab).


This gently used S9 heated humidifier comes equipped with a new washable S9 water chamber, and has a 1-year warranty.

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Gently Used S9 Heated Humidifier, with New Cleanable Water Chamber



Add New ClimateLine Tubing with your S9 Heated Humidifier



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