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Gently Used M Series REMstar Pro CPAP with CFLEX

Respironics M Series BIPAP Plus DS600

Part # DS400, 400M, 1051158

Product Information:

The M Series Generation CPAP represents the first generation by Respironics, to enter into the portable sized CPAP market. Measuring only 7.5"(L) x 5.0"(W) x 3.1"(H), and weighing only 2.2 lbs (without humidifier), it remains one of the smallest and lightest weight CPAP's on the market, and is commonly used in ambulance patient transport because of its small size, and reliability. That said, it it also used most often for nightly home CPAP therapy.

Pressure range for this CPAP is 4cm-20cm h20. This low hour refurbished CPAP unit, as well all Respironics CPAP devices of this, and previous generations, can run on any voltage from 110-240V, and is capable of running off a 12volt power source. This particular device does have data recording capability. The DS400 does provide basic compliance data recording, so it would be suitable for reporting to the DOT or FAA, as well as advanced data recording like AHI, and leak rate.

The Respironics M Series DS400 REMstar Plus represents a portable, quiet, affordable option for CPAP users who are looking for a inexpensive back up unit, travel unit, or primary unit for nightly use. 

This DS400 REMstar Pro CPAP integrates with the M Series Series Heated Humidifier ($70.00), which is available on our line-item equipment listing page here, are can be added to the device here, with the shopping cart below.

6-month In-House Warranty

Your order will include:

Respironics REMstar Pro M Series DS400 with CFLEX includes, Standard 6 Hose, Power Supply, Travel Bag, 6 Month Warranty, and Instructional Manual 

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Add the Heated Humidifier to this Respironics REMstar M Series DS400 with CLFEX System for only $70.00



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