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Philips Respironics

Gently Used System One BiPAP Pro Bi-level System with Bi-Flex

Respironics System One BIPAP Pro with BIFLEX DS650

Part # DS650, 650P

Product Information:

With the release of the System One Generation BIPAP Pro 650P, Philips Respironics continues its line of small, quiet, compact BIPAP devices, with added features such as Resistance Control - a feature that allows the device to take into consideration the mask-type being used, when delivering set pressures. The System One generation BIPAP also ushered in Advanced Event Detection - a feature which adds to the algorithm the ability to address abnormal pressure changes, and breathing patterns.

As with previous generations of Respironics BIPAP, the pressure range is 4cm-25cm h20. Dimensions on the System one devices are 6.5" x 5 " x 4" and weigh in at just over 2 lbs (without heated humidifier). The System One Series BIPAP also keeps the Digital Auto-Trak technology on-board. Auto-Trak increases comfort by sensing the change in flow that represents the start, or end of a breath, and allows the device to react quickly to changes with appropriate pressures. 

This unit can run on any voltage from 110-240V, and is capable of running off a 12volt power source. The DS650 (650P) BIPAP Pro has compliance recording/reporting, which is ideal for  showing general usage. BIFLEX is also available with this model, which allows for a smoother 'rounding' transitional phase (period of time between breaths); This feature helps the BIPAP feel more like your natural breathing pattern.

6 Month In-House Warranty on this low-hour (under 2000 hours) device.


Your order will include:

Gently Used Respironics BIPAP Pro System One DS650 with BIFLEX System, Standard 6 Hose, Power Supply, Travel Bag, and Instructional Manual 

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Add the Optional Heated Humidifier for only $70.00


Add a 1-Year Extended CPAP Machine Warranty (18 Months Total Warranty)


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