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Philips Respironics

Gently Used System One BiPAP Auto Bi-level System with Bi-Flex

Respironics System One BIPAP Auto DS750

Part # DS750, 750P

Product Information:

With the release of the System One Generation BIPAP Auto, Philips Respironics continues its line of small, quiet, compact BIPAP devices, with added features such as Resistance Control - a feature that allows the device to take into consideration the mask-type being used, when delivering set pressures. The System One generation BIPAP also ushered in Advanced Event Detection - a feature which adds to the algorithm the ability to address abnormal pressure changes, and breathing patterns.

The DS750 BIPAP Auto has two modes of operation, standard BIPAP mode, and Auto titration mode, which allows the device to automatically adjust the pressure in such a way to eliminate any apnea or hypopnea (shallow breathing) events. This is the ideal device for those individuals who are unsure of their therapeutic pressure.

As with previous generations of Respironics BIPAP, the pressure range is 4cm-25cm h20. Dimensions on the System one devices are 6.5" x 5 " x 4" and weigh in at just over 2 lbs (without heated humidifier). The System One Series BIPAP also keeps the Digital Auto-Trak technology on-board. Auto-Trak increases comfort by sensing the change in flow that represents the start, or end of a breath, and allows the device to react quickly to changes with appropriate pressures. 

This unit can run on any voltage from 110-240V, and is capable of running off a 12volt power source. The DS750 BIPAP Auto has comprehensive data recording/reporting, which shows not only basic compliance information, but also details such as AHI, and leak rates, which are essential in gauging the efficiency of the device. BIFLEX is also available with this model, which allows for a smoother 'rounding' transitional phase (period of time between breaths); This feature helps the BIPAP feel more like your natural breathing pattern.

***The only functional difference between the DS750, and the DS760 BIPAP Auto is the ability of the DS760 to adapt to the thermal tubing option. 

6 Month In-House Warranty on this low-hour (under 2000 hours) device.


Your order will include:

Gently Used Respironics BIPAP Auto System One DS750 with BIFLEX System, Standard 6 Hose, Power Supply, Travel Bag, and Instructional Manual 

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Add the Optional Heated Humidifier for only $70.00


Add a 1-Year Extended CPAP Machine Warranty (18 Months Total Warranty)


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