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ResMed Mirage Swift LT with Headgear

Resmed Swift LT Nasal Pillow for CPAP


Part# 60560


The most updated version of the Mirage Swift II is called the Swift LT nasal pillow mask. Designed for your lifestyle, the Swift LT nasal pillows system is light on the face, easy to use and fit, and provides personalized comfort and unparalleled quietness for you and your bed partner.

The ResMed Swift™ LT nasal pillow, light to the touch, easy to fit and whisper-quiet, offers comfort, stability and performance to maximize the convenience and effectiveness of your sleep apnea therapy.

Light touch. Lightweight with no forehead support, the Swift LT seals softly and securely to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Easy to fit. The rotating barrel lets you customize the comfort of your seal, and the simple design makes it easy to fit and clean.
Whisper-quiet. The quiet nasal pillow is designed to let you and your bed partner sleep in peace.

Compact and stable. Ideal for side sleeping, the Swift LT’s mask frame width is 50% of our earlier models.

The sizing template for this mask, and other Resmed interfaces, can be found on the ResMed website by clicking here.

This Complete System includes sizes Petite, Small, Medium, and Large Pillows


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