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Wizard Series Nasal Mask

Apex Medical Wizard 210 Nasal CPAP Mask

Product ID: 210

Apex Medical has released one of the most comfortable, affordable, high quality silicone masks on the market. With the smart design of the support arm, visual plane is increased significantly. Intential leak port holes are created in such a way as to divert quiet airflow upwards, and outwards, which makes for a much more comfortable experience for the user, and their sleep partner. Quick release lower connectors also add to the overall well-thought-out design, allowing for quick removal, and replacement of the mask.

 Overall we believe this is truly an excellent choice for the CPAP user looking for an affordable, an most importantly - comfortable, high quality CPAP nasal interface.

This Factory Sealed, New Apex Medical Complete 210 Series Nasal Mask System with Headgear


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