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Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution CPAP Interface Starter Kit

SKU # 100381-Bundle


Product Information:

There have been only a couple truly 'no-headgear' CPAP masks that have entered the marketplace over the years. Previous attempts have included a rigid adapter that attached to your upper palate, not unlike a mouthpiece. Needless to say the complaints were so numerous that we discontinued carrying them, shortly after launching them. The Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution is a real game changer. Small, lightweight, and a smart, ergonomic designed CPAP interface, there is simply nothing else like it on the market today. The DreamPort is incredibly comfortable, and has absolutely no headgear, cushions or straps. This means completely unrestricted movement, and that translates into a greater night's sleep. The DreamPort adhesive strips are hypo-allergenic, easy to apply, and disposable. This remarkable design provides a stable, yet comfortable approach to reliable therapy.

Product Overview:

It is important to note that the Bleep CPAP Interface system in completely non-invasive. In other words, nothing enters your nose or nostrils. Please see the video link below to watch the how the Bleep CPAP mask is placed, for nightly therapy.

The Bleep CPAP Interface is perfect for individuals that struggle with claustrophobia, or maintaining a good seal during active sleep. Flexible, adaptive, and hypoallergenic, these interfaces represent a true revolution in sleep therapy. It is also completely compatible with your CPAP or BIPAP machine.

Features of the Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution CPAP Interface:

Completely Without Headgear
Easy to Use DreamPort Adhesive Nose Covers
Intuitive Design Fits All
Extremely Lightweight
Ergonomic Short Tube Design
Hypoallergenic and Latex-Free
No Headgear Means No Red Marks or Messy Hair
Whisper Quiet - 26 decibels

No Headgear

The Bleep DreamPort Mask's remarkable design allows for CPAP therapy without any headgear, or nasal pillows entering your nose. Gone are the days of mask marks, or red irritation spots. What is so amazing is with all that said, the DreamPort CPAP mask provides an excellent seal, even in the presence of high pressures.

Easy To Use DreamPort Adhesive Nose Covers

The Bleep CPAP nostril covers or 'DreamPorts', make removing and placing the mask a breeze. To that end, it is important to make sure your skin surface is cleaned prior to placement. DreamPort witch hazel wipes are perfect for your skin prep and are included in the Starter Pack, and available for re-order.

Lightweight and Gentle Mask Minimizes Claustrophobia

For those who suffer from claustrophobia the DreamPort is the perfect solution. It is very lightweight and provide a full unobstructed plain of vision. As a result, the comfort these features provide, allows you a better night's sleep.

Short Tube Design is Great for Active Sleepers

The short tube that attaches to the Bleep DreamPorts is both lightweight, but moves with you. This is particularly helpful for those active sleepers, who are constantly readjusting their mask during the night. The included adhesive nostril DreamPort covers are designed to create a firm and gentle seal. This provides further comfort and stability to the interface, as well as helps to maintain an excellent seal.

Hypoallergenic Latex Free Design

The Bleep DreamPort Mask system eliminates any chance of allergy flare ups and is completely latex-free.

DreamPort Adhesive Patches are patented and designed for use exclusively with the Bleep DreamWay Interface and Bleep DreamPort CPAP Interface. Each box contains 32 patches for 16 nights of use.


What's Included:

Bleep DreamWay Interface with 10 inch hose and connector
Bleep DreamPorts (32-Pack, 16-Night Supply)
Instruction Guide

Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution CPAP Interface Starter Kit



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