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Factory Sealed New Transcend 3 miniCPAP Auto Machine

by Somnetics


SKU # 503104

Transcend 3 MiniCPAP Travel CPAP Product Information:

The newest generation of Transcend MiniCPAP represents one of the most rugged, compact travel CPAP machines in the marketplace. With the multiple power options available to the Transcend 3 Auto CPAP, you are able to comfortably sleep in a hotel room, or in a tent, next to your favorite remote lake. Remarkably small and lightweight, the Transcend 3 can easily slip into your purse, overnight bag, or briefcase. It's even FAA approved to use in-flight. 

Product Overview:

The Transcend 3 has a contemporary look and feel, and now comes with an added 365-degree swivel nozzle, and a silicone (flat) base for significantly improved stability. It is important also to note that the Transcend 3 Auto CPAP is completely compatible with all the original Transcend accessories. 


Product Specifications:

Therapy Mode

 Auto/ Fixed Pressure

EZEX™ pressure relief


Dimensions (in)

7.5 x 3.7 x 3.7 

Sound Pressure Level (dBA)



1.09 lbs

Operating pressure (cmH2O)


Ramp (0-45 min), adjustable


Auto altitude adjustment (up to 8,000 ft)


Power Supply Input100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, Power Supply Output 19VDC, 2.6 Amp


AHI & Leak detect


Compliance data


Features of the Transcend 3 MiniCPAP Travel CPAP System:

Upgraded Compact Design

Small- about the size of a soda can

Lightweight- weighs just a pound

Battery-powered CPAP therapy for restful sleep anywhere

DC and Solar Charging options for off-grid power

FAA approved for in-flight use

Includes a padded travel bag

Use any mask or tube

Functional features for easy travel and international use

FAA approved for in-flight use

Compatible with all popular masks and tubes with a standard 22mm connector

Durability for Travel
The Transcend 3 miniCPAP™ is an incredibly durable CPAP perfect for the sometimes inhospitable conditions that come with travel. This stout yet remarkably small mini CPAP is ideal for your active lifestyle and the freedom to travel AND sleep well regardless of your destination. The Transcend 3 comes with a 3-year warranty plus an optional extended warranty.

True Mini sized Lightweight CPAP
he Transcend 3 MiniCPAP is equipped with user-friendly onboard software, as well as downloadable software for your PC desktop. This app allows you to print reports, retrieve software updates, and more. For more information about the Transcend software, see the user manual PDF available on this page.

Broad Power Capabilities for International Travel
International travel is no problem for the Transcend 3 MiniCPAP System as the universal power supply is compatible with 100 to 240 volts. The International plug adapter for the country you are visiting is about on our Accessories page.

FAA Compliant
The Transcend 3 MiniCPAP is the perfect travel machine as it complies with RTCA/DO-160, Section 21, Category M and is FAA compliant.


What's in the Box

Transcend 3 miniCPAP Auto Travel Machine
Plush Transcend Travel Bag with Compartments
Universal AC Power Supply with international plug kit
Standard 6 foot hose
Quick Guide
USB Cable
3 Year Warranty
30-Day Risk-Free Trial


PRICE DROP - $439.00

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Transcend 3 MiniCPAP Auto Accessories


Transcend II Flexible Solar Array Auto CPAP

* Charge times can vary depending on location, sun intensity, etc. 

It is recommended that you test the charge times for your area, prior to use.


Transcend II Flexible Solar Array Auto CPAP



Somnetics Transcend P-8 Battery

The Transcend P-8 Battery is completely compatible with the New Transcend 3 Auto CPAP


Somnetics Transcend 3 miniCPAP Filter Assembly


Transcend II DC Mobile Adapter Kit

*Connects all Transcend CPAP devices to any 12-volt power source.


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