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Want to sell your used CPAP or used BIPAP Machine?

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Quality current model used CPAP machines starting at $95.00, and NEW CPAP for only $125 - it's easy to see why we're the Internet's #1 outlet for used CPAP and BIPAP machines. SecondwindCPAP is the only outlet dedicated exclusively to the buying and selling of used CPAP and used BIPAP machines.




We are the only online CPAP retailer that provides support before, during and after the sale of quality used CPAP and used BIPAP machines. Buying a Used CPAP machine, or discounted new CPAP or BIPAP, should not mean the sacrifice of customer service and support. 

That's our philosophy.






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  • Is medical insurance 'red tape' costing you too much money? Are you currently renting a CPAP or BIPAP machine at a high, out of pocket cost? Looking for a back up, or secondary CPAP or BIPAP machine for travel or a second home? If you want a discounted new, or clean, tested, used CPAP or used BIPAP machine at a very affordable price - you've come to the right place.


  • If you are unable to purchase a replacement CPAP or BIPAP machine because you have lost track of your prescription, have an out of date prescription, or 'pre-existing' clause in your policy, we may be able to help with our physician authorization.


  • If you are considering purchasing a discounted new, or a clean, quality used CPAP or used BIPAP machine with warranty, and do not want to wait for a CPAP auction to end, or worry about the reliability or cleanliness of an 'CPAP auction' or 'craigslist CPAP', we can help.


Why buy a used CPAP or used BIPAP machine from us? Click here to read why we're different...





* All used CPAP and BIPAP machines come with 6 month warranty, new tubing, new filters, power supply, and travel bag. Select CPAP machines are sold with heated humidifier included or 'integrated' (will be noted as such in the listing). Many machines are new, zero hour, open box.


Make sure to check out our Open Box (New) CPAP and BIPAP Machine specials.







CPAP - All devices listed here, plus many more - are available for purchase on our site by clicking here
Standard Used CPAP Machines - See listing for details $95
Gently Used Respironics M Series Heated Humidifier with new Chamber $70
Gently Used Respironics M Series DS100 CPAP $175
Gently Used Respironics M Series DS200 REMstar CPAP $199
Gently Used Respironics M Series DS400 REMstar Pro CPAP w/ CFLEX $225
Gently Used Respironics System One DS150HS REMstar CPAP w/o CFLEX $199
New Factory Sealed Respironics System One DS150HS REMstar CPAP $249
Gently Used Respironics M Series DS500 REMstar Auto CPAP w/ CFLEX $249
Gently Used Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP w/ Heated Humidifier $379
New Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP - LOWEST ONLINE PRICE $599
Gently Used Respironics System One DS560HS Auto CPAP $299
See New, Open Box Specials Here!
Gently Used Respironics M Series DS700 BIPAP Auto BIFLEX $549
Gently Used Respironics System One DS750 BIPAP Auto BIFLEX $649
Gently Used Respironics DreamStation DSX700 BIPAP Auto BIFLEX $799




(All DeVilbiss Product is New, Complete, Factory Sealed, 5 Year Warranty)

CPAP  - All devices listed here, plus many more - are available for purchase on our site by clicking here
New, Factory Sealed DeVilbiss Intellipap Standard CPAP (w/o SmartFlex) Complete $325
New Factory Sealed DeVilbiss intelliPAP Auto CPAP (with SmartFlex) Complete $490
New Factory Sealed DeVilbiss intelliPAP BIPAP w/ 'Rounding' Complete $945





CPAP  - All devices listed here, plus many more - are available for purchase on our site by clicking here
Gently Used ResMed S8 Heated Humidifier w/ New Chamber $90
Gently Used ResMed S8 Compact and Accessories $175
Gently Used ResMed S8 Elite and Accessories $225
Gently Used ResMed S9 Escape and Accessories $259
Gently Used ResMed S9 AutoSet and Accessories $379
Gently Used ResMed S10 AutoSet and Accessories $389
*New, Factory Sealed ResMed S10 AirSense AutoSet and Accessories $539
*New Factory Sealed ResMed S10 AirCurve VPAP S and Accessories $719
See New, Open Box Specials Here!
Gently Used ResMed S8 VPAP Auto 25 with Accessories $629
Gently Used ResMed S8 VPAP S with Accessories $629



Current Travel CPAP Systems Starting at $279


Z1 & Z2 CPAP and Auto CPAP System is here! Click here for more information.



These are just a few examples of our deeply discounted new and gently used CPAP & used BIPAP machines. Please take a moment to browse through our featured items listed on this page.


All used CPAP machines acquired by our company have low hours - most machines have under 2000 hours of use (Average CPAP Life Expectancy is 15,000 hours). We also provide a 6 month warranty to 1 year on all used equipment.

All used CPAP machines and used BIPAP machines undergo thorough comprehensive internal and external cleaning and testing before resale. We take great pride in our pre-sale preparation of our equipment. We have a very large selection of CPAP machines, so please email us or call us with any questions you may have.




*This site was last updated September 22nd, 2020



Gently Used ResMed  AirSense S10 AutoSet CPAP with integrated Heated Humidifier


Product Overview

The ResMed S10 AirSense AutoSet CPAP has arrived to

ResMed continues its domination of the marketplace with the new S10 AirSense AutoSet CPAP. Building on the success of the S9 AutoSet, they continue to lead the way with a near-silent blower, and cutting-edge design.

The S10 Airsense AutoSet CPAP now has a built-in heated humidifier and as such, they have increased portability, by decreasing the overall size, when compared to the S9 AutoSet.

New features include AutoRamp - not unlike SenseAwake seen on other CPAP machines, this feature allows for a decrease in pressure as the machine senses you waking, and slowly reapplies pressure as you fall back asleep.

The addition of AirView and myAir allow for a cloud-based data management experience, with up to 1 year accumulative data.


This Gently Used ResMed S10 Airsense AutoSet comes with travel bag, new ClimateLineAir, or Slimline tubing, new filter, power supply and 1 year warranty. As always, no sales tax, and no charge for shipping on domestic orders. International orders are welcome for all of our products.




S10 AirSense with ClimatelineAir - $389.00



SecondwindCPAP is proud to be the Exclusive Outlet of the Factory Refurbished Transcend CPAP Systems.
Now Available with EzEx (CFLEX, EPR, and Auto)!
The Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine is one of the world's smallest, lightest CPAP machine. It weighs less than 1 lb and is very quiet for its size, with a 29 dB sound rating. Transcend II is now compatible with all CPAP masks. Add a battery pack and/or flexible solar array panel to allow for true off-the-grid freedom to explore.
New, and Factory Refurbished Auto CPAP with EzEx Complete Packages starting at



  • Weighs under 1 lbs
  • Great for traveling  - FAA approved device for air travel
  • The Transcend II's dimensions of 6.1 inches by 3.5 inches by 2.8 inches mean it can fit in the palm of your hand
  • Compatible with All Masks
  • This machine comes with a standard six foot hose and hose adapter that make Transcend II compatible with all CPAP masks
  • As quiet as Market Leaders
  • The machine's 29 dB sound rating proves this small design doesn't compromise sound
  • The Transcend II includes a ramp feature of 0 to 45 minutes and tracks AHI and leak detection for up to 12 months
  • Use the optional USB cable to access the ramp feature and advanced data
  • Auto altitude adjustment up to 8 000 feet

SecondwindCPAP is proud to offer one of the smallest CPAP machines on the market. After ongoing requests from our customers to make this outstanding product available to them as an option for a 'travel class' CPAP machine, we decided to test the Transcend II Travel CPAP for ourselves, and we were very impressed with the results.

The Transcend II CPAP machine has been on the market for about 6 years, and during that time, the product has undergone an evolution, to become a truly great CPAP - far and away the best MINI CPAP Machines on the market for travel, and/or portability. The manufacturer has also provided the option for true 'off-the-grid' portability, by providing the customer the option of a very lightweight lithium ion battery, and flexible solar panel array to recharge that battery without the need of a formal electrical power source. This combination will allow the CPAP user the ability to explore areas of the outdoors previously inaccessible because of the need of a traditional power source. By allowing the battery to recharge from the solar array - after about 12-14 hours of use (at 14cm h20), the CPAP user now has the freedom to truly explore. That said, this device is a very portable unit unto itself. The perfect answer to travel concerns of long haul truckers, commercial pilots, or anyone that finds themselves traveling more often, than not.

To read more about this product or place an order for your new or refurbished Transcend MINI CPAP machine, please click here to link to our dedicated Transcend II CPAP page.




The New DeVilbiss IntelliPAP AutoAdjust CPAP with SMARTFLEX

and Heated Humidifier


This is a New, Factory Sealed product. Not Refurbished. 
5 year Factory Warranty

Why we recommend this product -

The mission of SecondwindCPAP has always been to provide CPAP and BIPAP users the highest quality, most affordable product available on the market, with an emphasis on both price, and quality

The DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Auto CPAP Machine with Smart Flex is not only the functional equivalent to the REMstar Auto w/ AFLEX, and the ResMed AutoSet II, it is a new, factory sealed product, with a full 5 year manufacturer warranty - the longest in the industry. Not to mention it has one of the quietest blowers on the market and is incredibly reliable, with a failure rate of well under 1%. It is as compact as any current model CPAP machines on the market. It possesses the same recording compliance/data capabilities as the previously mentioned devices. 

Design Features

  • Whisper-quiet operation - 26 dBA
  • Exceptionally small footprint fits easily into the home environment and carry-on luggage
  • Integrated heated humidification system easily docks into the bottom of the unit without requiring a separate hose or power cord
  • Humidifier reservoir is easy to remove and replace, and is dishwasher safe
  • Water ingress protection prevents water from humidifier damaging the CPAP machine - great for travelers
  • Intuitive, 3 large buttons control nearly all functions for simplified patient operation
  • Backlit LCD and easy-to-follow patient menu
  • Delay pressure ramp eases the machine to the prescribed pressure - allowing the user to fall asleep at a lower pressure (0 - 45 minutes in 5 minute increments and .5 increments for pressure)
  • Accommodates various tubing lengths (6 and 10 feet)
  • Eight-foot power cord length provides greater positioning flexibility - no bulky power brick on cord
  • Clean, sophisticated design
  • Large, slip-resistant pads on bottom of unit to minimize movement on night table during the night
  • Auto on/off automatically starts the flow of air after breathing into the mask and stops the flow of air when mask is removed
  • SmartCode compliance tracking encodes usage data that can be communicated to a clinician and then translated
  • Extra air inlet and fine particle filter included
  • Universal power supply for use anywhere in the world (between 100 and 240 Volts)
  • DC-operable
  • Automatic leak compensation
  • Auto on/off
  • DeVilbiss Smart Link Compatible, and SmartCode feature
  • Industry leading, 5-year warranty

As always, free shipping, and no sales tax. 
This is a new, factory sealed product, that includes travel bag, filters, manuals, and factory sealed tubing. 

(No International Orders on new DeVilbiss Product)

Our Price for Complete System to include Heated Humidifier -




* All units listed here include Heated Humidifier. Click here for full list of available Respironics products.

Gently Used 

DS560 System One AUTO CPAP w/ AFLEX

  REMstar AUTO with Heated Humidifier & 




Philips Respironics System One & DreamStation CPAP Overview

The DS100/DS150 is a standard CPAP machine that has basic functions, such as ramp and altitude adjustment.

The DS200/DS250/DS260/DSX200 is the newest generation of the REMstar Plus with CFLEX. It has all the functions/features of its predecessor. 

The DS400/DS450/DS460/DSX400 differs from the DS200 in two very distinct ways: It automatically adjusts for altitude (DS200 is manual) and the Smart Card records very detailed information such as your *AHI (Apnea Hyponea Index), compliance data, leak rate data, etc. (the DS200 records only standard compliance data).

The DS500/DS510/DS550/DS560/DSX500 The auto titration flow device will automatically adjust the pressure to provide you the least amount of pressure needed to keep your airway open enough to eliminate Apnea and Hypopnea episodes. This is the ideal machine for those individuals who have not been formally evaluted through a Sleep Study. This device also allows you to see view your *AHI.

Note: Approximately 80% of all individuals using CPAP therapy have a therapeutic pressure between 6-14cm h20. It is most probably the case that as time passes, and the auto titration technology becomes more affordable, all machines will have it as a basic option, as it provides the most accurate pressure for any given breath.

 *Keeping track of your AHI is a good idea as it is a numeric representation of whether or not the pressure you use, is providing efficacious treatment.



New Factory Sealed

Apex Medical XT Fit CPAP System

Apex Medical has long been established as the manufacturer of this tried-and-true portable CPAP machine. Previously this device was distributed in the US under the branding of Carefusion Puresom, and the Probasics ZzzPAP. It has been a very practical, affordable, reliable CPAP device, and have proven itself in the marketplace for several years.


With Apex Medical making the decision to manufacturer and distribute their own CPAP machine to the US marketplace, they have created the XT Series of CPAP devices, ranging in functionality from the XT Fit, entry level device, XT Sense, XT Prime with Expiratory Pressure Relief, and XT Auto.

For the full line of Apex Medical XT CPAP devices, click here.

Weight: 1.76 lbs.

Dimensions: 5.8" x 5" x 3.9"

Power Supply: 100-240V, 50/60hz 

Ramp Operation: 0-45 min

Pressure Range: 4cm h20-20cm h20

Ramp Time:  0-45 (5 min increments)

Sound Level: 28 dBA

Warranty: 2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty


New Factory Sealed Apex XT Fit CPAP Machine - Includes 6' Tubing, Travel Bag, Manuals, power supply and 2 year Warranty




Questions about any of these used CPAP machines? Email us!


The vast majority of online CPAP and BIPAP outlets do not provide a licensed, nationally Registered Respiratory Therapist to assist their customers.

We do. Call today.

Our Respiratory Therapist is Nationally Registered, has over 30 years experience

and is also a CPAP user for 15 years. 

We are here to assist you before, during, and after the sale.

Toll Free: 1-855-263-2727 (855-2ND-CPAP)

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